A civilian bus is blown up this morning at Dambulla, Sri Lanka.
Dispassionately, the televisions in every part of the island streams down images of the victims. Mothers in white sarees and fathers in white shirts are being lifted off and through the shattered windows. Most of them on their way to a Buddhist ceremony at Anuradhapura.
Innocent people, ordinary people.
People like …, you, or me.

The commentator says that as of now at least 18 people had died.
Every one of them with no idea that this journey that they were taking is going to be their last. Every one of them with dreams, with commitments, with loved ones, with a life.

Who has robbed that life away from them?
And for what?

The who is obvious.
There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this is the work of the LTTE, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam, the world’s most ruthless terrorist organization.

The why, is more complicated.
Here’s this writer’s humble effort at guessing their reasoning and motivation.

The LTTE terrorists are fighting a loosing battle against the Sri Lankan armed forces in Vanni, their last strong hold.
– They need to divert at least part of the arms forces from those battle fronts.
– They need to create a fear mentality in the general population so that the government looses people’s support to continue with finally crushing the terrorist outfit.

The target is chosen so that almost all victims would be Sinhala Buddhists.
– LTTE terrorists badly want to create a communal backlash in the south because that could easily reverse the current international support in the anti-terrorists campaign and open up doors for all-kinds of international intervention.
The infamous terrorist leader Prabhakaran probably regularly have wet dreams about “Sinhala mobs taking to the streets in Colombo and killing Tamil civilians”.
Disclaimer: the writer has no direct knowledge of the said dreams but is only interpolating from the publicly available evidence.

But their reasoning is wrong. Here is why:

Today, there is no chance that Sri Lanka would have communal riots.
Tamils and Muslims live amongst Sinhalease all over the country (except in Wanni), most notably in Colombo, as was the practice in Sri Lanka for hundreds of years.
Besides, Sinhalease and Tamils, Buddhism and Hindusim are very closely linked. In fact there are Hindu kovil’s inside Buddhist temples and there are cultural events that is common to both- most notably the April Sinhala Hindu New Year Festival.

Most Sri Lankan civilians, are not scared.
Sri Lankans have had enough, period.
The current government has a mandate to finish the LTTE terrorists, once and for all. Most citizens (except for the few who still have green colored blinkers on) are of the opinion that it is doable and that it will be done within this year.

Most Sri Lankans believe in Karma (a.k.a. God’s will or something to the same effect) and believe that if it is your time, you will die or conversely if it is not your time, you will somehow survive, even if you are only 10 meters from the bomb.

So, heed, yo terrorists, we are not scared!