The question of existence; life after death; solution to the economical and ethnic problems of the world, of Sri Lanka; the honesty and capability of the politicians, of the Sri Lankan President; the militaristic defeatism of the LTTE terrorists; …

We all have our own opinion.

Given vastly different opinions on the same subject, it is impossible for all of them to be correct at the same time- is it not?

Yet, most, stubbornly continue to cling on to their old opinions despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Many continued to believe that the Earth is flat (as well as being the center of the whole universe) for a very long time after it was conclusively proved otherwise.

Giving up an opinion, on any subject, held dearly for a long time is very painful.

For many, it is personal …

It would seem better to ignore the facts staring at your face rather than go through an intelligent inquiry and the possibility of a painful realization of the currently held fallacies.

If you grew up believing that Sinhalese people are monsters with fangs in their mouths and horns in their heads who delight in devouring Tamil children for dinner, then it would be painfully difficult to get you to sit together for a family dinner with me. I am Sinhalese myself and last time I checked I neither have horns nor fangs. Oh, and I haven’t eaten anybody. 🙂

If you believe that Sri Lanka is a failed state going further down the road of anarchy and economic strife with nobody capable of fixing it, and the best bet for you is to seek better pastures oversees, then no amount of visible evidence to the promising development going on in many sectors of the country would convince you otherwise.

It is all very, very, sad.
But of course, they say that every man is an island to themselves- you do have every right to withdraw in to a cocoon of denial and wither in a ball of pessimism.

But it is alright, ‘cause us optimists, believe that with or without you pessimists, slowly but surely, Sri Lanka is rising!