Mr. Sripathi Sooriyarachchi’s death exactly on the one year anniversary of the stripping of his ministerial portfolio by the ‘dictator president’ Mahinda Rajapakse is raising serious questions among the intelligent Colombo population.

This is the prevailing theory of what really happened.

Special undercover operatives of the ‘dictator president’ had attached a sophisticated hostile device to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) of the vehicle in which the late Mr. Sripath Suriyaarachchi (MP) was traveling.

The device was set to disable the breaks and steer the vehicle exactly by 45 degrees when it went over 140km/h and was passing through a suitable stretch of road with an abundance of sturdy trees on the side of the road.

To make sure they hit a sturdy enough tree, they had used state of the art GPS tracking as an additional input to the sophisticated trigger mechanism.

The offending device was set to self destruct (Mission Impossible style) upon impact so that there is no incriminating evidence.

The execution of the assassination was so successful and innovative that it is rumored the CIA is looking for sub-contracting the Rajapakse government on their own top secret projects.

Motivation for this post came after reading the comments for this item in the Daily Mirror website, while the inspiration of the writing style came from the hilariously informative website