Vellupille strikes again.
Lot of blood and the messengers head on the third platform.
This time the terror master hasn’t forgotten to leave his calling card.

Pretty scary…
It could easily have been you, or me, lying dead or maimed on that railway platform.

So, should we hide under our beds or get into a bomb-proof shelter with a food supply for a year and pray that Vellu doesn’t find us there?

Maybe we should ask the local anti-war activists and the international community to put some pressure on the government to stop the war effort that seems to be succeeding but also is triggering these bombs?

Why do we, the civilians- already beaten up by the cost of living and all the other difficulties of living in Sri Lanka- have also to put up with this perpetual risk of getting blown-up at short notice?

After over two decades, finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
This increasing spate of civilian bombings testify to that fact. They are nothing but the dying bursts of a wounded tiger.

We need to persevere.
From the highest peek of LTTE terrorist strength in 2004 November to their weakest position as of today, we have indeed come a long way.
This is the last stretch of the marathon and we need to keep on going.
We need to support the armed forces (and the government) so that they can carry us through to the final crushing of the dying and gasping tiger.

The tiger is down, the blow is descending, and the tiger claws are writhing in anticipation of the inevitable death- hence a scratch here, a scratch there.

Let’s keep our eyes open, mind calm, and hearts warm.
Together, let’s stand tall.

Sri Lankans would not cover in fear.
And we will defiantly celebrate this day, the Independence Day, not just as the 60th year of the post-colonial era but also as a celebration of our people’s resilience and our commitment to the war on terror against the most vulgar and abominable terrorist group in the whole wide world.

We will prevail!