The whole country is euphoric with her victory over terrorism.

Never before had Sri Lanka been so happy, ecstatic, united under a one feeling …

Prabakaran is no more. LTTE is crushed and Sri Lanka united under one flag.

Tomorrow at 8.30AM, our President will address the nation.
Tomorrow he will tell us where he will take our country. He will reiterate his vision of a united Sri Lanka where all races continue to live peacefully in mutual understanding- a vision of a prosperous nation that produces its keep.

He will invite everybody to join in this endeavor of nation building; Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher and all.
He will invite the Sri Lankan expatriates, especially the Tamil Diaspora to come and join hands with us.

How the future generations of Sri Lankans will one day regard the Tamil Diaspora depends on how they, the Tamil Diaspora heeds this call.

I hope that they take the right decision.