Bruce Fein, the Career Lier

Bruce Fein, the Career Lier

Mr. Bruce Fein is a career lier.

His current project is to conjure up a “Genocide of the Tamil People” where non exists.

He is paid well by his employer, the organisation called “Tamils Against Genocide”, probably another front for the banned terrorists outfit LTTE,  for this filthy task.

He has prepared a 1000-page indictment document to prove the “intent” of genocide of the Sinhala people and he says he plans to try Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakse, the defence secretary (a US citizen) and Mr. Sarath Fonseka, the army commander (a US Green Card holder) for this crime in US courts.

Mr. Fein is a classic example of the depth to which a lawyer looking for easy money can sink to.

The 1000 page model indictment. Can there be any use for this other than as paper weights?

The 1000 page model indictment. Can there be any use for this other than as paper weights?

He knows perfectly well that this fictitious case of his would never stand in court. Any child who can read and who is not brain damaged can understand the veracity of his outrageous claim. But he also knows that he doesn’t need to take it to courts to get the propaganda mileage that he is really after.

Propaganda for the LTTE is what he wants. After all, he is saying what has been saying for years.

LTTE being a banned terrorist organization needs a “white mouth for sale” like Mr. Fein’s to do their bidding.

According to him, the Sinhalease as a race has been pre-programmed by the history book Mahavamsa and the Buddhist religious book Dhammapadaya to genocide Tamil people.

What a lie.

Although there has been some serious and some satirical responses against his tactics by individuals, it is high time that the relevant sections of the Sri Lankan government takes legal action against this obvious defamatory campaign by Mr. Bruce Fein. It must be shown that one can’t act with such impunity against our country and religion yet get away with it.

After all, if Mr. Fein were to preach that “Christians are pre-programmed by the Holy Bible to kill Muslim people” what sort of response would he attract from the world Christians?Would he be allowed to continue his lies?

Judging by his actions, he is not morally confused, he doesn’t have any morals.

A well dressed weasel, looks like a gentelman, indeed.

A well dressed weasel, looks like a gentelman, indeed.

Like a weasal.

A well dressed weasal with old connections in the US government.

He says that it is simply not possible for Sinhala and Tamil people to live together and that the only solution to prevent the “Sinhala people from genocoiding Tamil people” is to create a separate state.

LTTE’s words, from Mr. Fein’s mouth.

Get real, Mr. Fein. Don’t feint it!

Come to Sri Lanka and see for yourself.

Come to Colombo and see how Sinhala and Tamil people are living in complete harmony and brotherhood.

Is any genocide occuring in the streets of Colombo?

Do you even know the meaning of the term genocide?