The Sunday Leader editor Mr. Lasantha Wickramatunga passed away a moment ago at the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital after a valiant effort by the doctors in trying to save his life.

It is indeed sad news when a human being has been killed prior to their time.
It is sad even when a person with a twisted mind and a strong anti-Sri Lankan agenda like Mr. Lasantha Wickramatunga, gets killed.

Of course if Mr. Wickramatunga has been alive to write in his paper or to make expert opinions on the ‘dismal situation in Sri Lanka’, he would be firing all his guns (actually pens) about how the Sri Lankan government is directly or indirectly responsible… And he probably would be immensely pleased to see his NGO buddies getting the maximum political millage out of his demise.

As a side note, it is enlightening to see that Sirasa News First finds this ‘single death’ a ‘breaking-news worthy’ item after their lack of interest in the ‘hundreds of deaths of terrorists’ happening in the North.

Maybe an another 5 million rupee reward from Sirasa would be in order?