Like a “begger’s wound” is an old Sinhala saying.

Sirasa News Network has such a begger’s wound (probably self inflicted) now in the form of their famous January 6 attack on their complex at Depanama Pannipitiya.

The exciting thing about a begger’s wound is that it never heels.

Just a little while ago, I was watching today’s Sirasa News First 7PM bulletin.
They had only one news item. Any guesses?

They did the same thing yesterday- almost the whole day yesterday.

Despite the ‘devastating nature of the attack’ on Sirasa, their news making capabilities has not diminished at all. There was a nice animation of the ‘professional attackers’ entering the building and some very nice heart-rendering visuals of semi-burnt equipment followed by hundred and one tales told by the ‘people’ of the greatness of Sirasa News Network and how this incident made them so very sad. A few were almost in tears…

It looks like Sirasa is having a very nice time of it.
A feast even.

They are so full of it, and a little frustrated at the response of the actual public (not the one’s with condolence messages on their TV), that they are elevating the ‘game’ to the next level- “Who Attacked Sirasa REALITY SHOW”

Like the other ones, this show also allows you to call and SMS them and participate.

Just a hint though… do not bother telling them anything against their ‘propaganda line’…
They instantly exercise their 5 star media freedom and non-censorship on it.

And I almost forgot, the winner takes home (or to prison) 5 million rupees.
I said “or to prison” because even one of the attackers can also participate.