January 2009

Bruce Fein, the Career Lier

Bruce Fein, the Career Lier

Mr. Bruce Fein is a career lier.

His current project is to conjure up a “Genocide of the Tamil People” where non exists.

He is paid well by his employer, the organisation called “Tamils Against Genocide”, probably another front for the banned terrorists outfit LTTE,  for this filthy task.

He has prepared a 1000-page indictment document to prove the “intent” of genocide of the Sinhala people and he says he plans to try Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakse, the defence secretary (a US citizen) and Mr. Sarath Fonseka, the army commander (a US Green Card holder) for this crime in US courts.

Mr. Fein is a classic example of the depth to which a lawyer looking for easy money can sink to.

The 1000 page model indictment. Can there be any use for this other than as paper weights?

The 1000 page model indictment. Can there be any use for this other than as paper weights?

He knows perfectly well that this fictitious case of his would never stand in court. Any child who can read and who is not brain damaged can understand the veracity of his outrageous claim. But he also knows that he doesn’t need to take it to courts to get the propaganda mileage that he is really after.

Propaganda for the LTTE is what he wants. After all, he is saying what tamilnet.com has been saying for years.

LTTE being a banned terrorist organization needs a “white mouth for sale” like Mr. Fein’s to do their bidding.

According to him, the Sinhalease as a race has been pre-programmed by the history book Mahavamsa and the Buddhist religious book Dhammapadaya to genocide Tamil people.

What a lie.

Although there has been some serious and some satirical responses against his tactics by individuals, it is high time that the relevant sections of the Sri Lankan government takes legal action against this obvious defamatory campaign by Mr. Bruce Fein. It must be shown that one can’t act with such impunity against our country and religion yet get away with it.

After all, if Mr. Fein were to preach that “Christians are pre-programmed by the Holy Bible to kill Muslim people” what sort of response would he attract from the world Christians?Would he be allowed to continue his lies?

Judging by his actions, he is not morally confused, he doesn’t have any morals.

A well dressed weasel, looks like a gentelman, indeed.

A well dressed weasel, looks like a gentelman, indeed.

Like a weasal.

A well dressed weasal with old connections in the US government.

He says that it is simply not possible for Sinhala and Tamil people to live together and that the only solution to prevent the “Sinhala people from genocoiding Tamil people” is to create a separate state.

LTTE’s words, from Mr. Fein’s mouth.

Get real, Mr. Fein. Don’t feint it!

Come to Sri Lanka and see for yourself.

Come to Colombo and see how Sinhala and Tamil people are living in complete harmony and brotherhood.

Is any genocide occuring in the streets of Colombo?

Do you even know the meaning of the term genocide?


During a press conference held yesterday, Minister Mahindanana Aluthgamage told reporters that a suspect was arrested in the case of the attack on Sirasa on January 6th.

The attack happened at 2.15AM on Janauary 6th.
According to Sirasa, the attackers came on a number plate-less white van.

A vigilant civilian had called the 118 emergency number and reported that around 4AM on the same morning several weapons were transferred from a white van to a blackish defender Jeep near the Rajagiriya HSBC bank.

According to information received later, the defender was identified as belonging to one Suraj Anthony Perera residing at No: 84/4, Old Road, Nawala. The actual registration number of the vehicle was 32-6701.

A police team including the Maharagama OIC went to this location and discovered this vehicle, sans number plates, and arrested the suspect.

Intriguingly Mr. Suraj Anthony Perera is a UNP Member of the Kotte Municipal Council.

In another part of this gradually emerging plot designed to discredit the government and take the limelight away from its unprecedented victories in the Sri Lanka’s “war against terror”, it was revealed that a few hours before the attack on the Sirasa premises, a group (apparently linked to the same plotters) had arrived in a Pajero Jeep to the adjoining Devram Vihare Temple and threatened the chief monk.

Minister Mahindanana Aluthgamage further pointed out the obvious question of “why Siras is not revealing the CCTV footage of the attack happening”.

The Sri Lankan people will remember that a few months ago Sirasa fixed video cameras to protect one of their billboards in the Kotte municipality and later broadcasted the billboard vandals saying “Caught Red Handed”.

If Sirasa can protect their billboards with video cameras, why didn’t they use their “extensive state of the art, best in the region, media technologies” to capture the attackers “red handed”? They had ample warning because according to their security guards, a white van had visited them one or two days before the attack and ‘scared them’. So they could have easily installed extra cameras and be prepared to “Catch the Attackers Red Handed”. I do not think it would take 5 million rupees (their current reward for information leading to the attackers) to fix these cameras…

Another question is “Why were the guns of the Sirasa security guards not fired”?
Was it because the attackers were after all, ‘friendly forces”?

Hopefully, investigations will soon reveal the real story and all the invisible hands behind the “Sirasa Attack” and the possibly linked assasination of Mr. Lasantha Wickramatunga.

The Sunday Leader editor Mr. Lasantha Wickramatunga passed away a moment ago at the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital after a valiant effort by the doctors in trying to save his life.

It is indeed sad news when a human being has been killed prior to their time.
It is sad even when a person with a twisted mind and a strong anti-Sri Lankan agenda like Mr. Lasantha Wickramatunga, gets killed.

Of course if Mr. Wickramatunga has been alive to write in his paper or to make expert opinions on the ‘dismal situation in Sri Lanka’, he would be firing all his guns (actually pens) about how the Sri Lankan government is directly or indirectly responsible… And he probably would be immensely pleased to see his NGO buddies getting the maximum political millage out of his demise.

As a side note, it is enlightening to see that Sirasa News First finds this ‘single death’ a ‘breaking-news worthy’ item after their lack of interest in the ‘hundreds of deaths of terrorists’ happening in the North.

Maybe an another 5 million rupee reward from Sirasa would be in order?

Like a “begger’s wound” is an old Sinhala saying.

Sirasa News Network has such a begger’s wound (probably self inflicted) now in the form of their famous January 6 attack on their complex at Depanama Pannipitiya.

The exciting thing about a begger’s wound is that it never heels.

Just a little while ago, I was watching today’s Sirasa News First 7PM bulletin.
They had only one news item. Any guesses?

They did the same thing yesterday- almost the whole day yesterday.

Despite the ‘devastating nature of the attack’ on Sirasa, their news making capabilities has not diminished at all. There was a nice animation of the ‘professional attackers’ entering the building and some very nice heart-rendering visuals of semi-burnt equipment followed by hundred and one tales told by the ‘people’ of the greatness of Sirasa News Network and how this incident made them so very sad. A few were almost in tears…

It looks like Sirasa is having a very nice time of it.
A feast even.

They are so full of it, and a little frustrated at the response of the actual public (not the one’s with condolence messages on their TV), that they are elevating the ‘game’ to the next level- “Who Attacked Sirasa REALITY SHOW”

Like the other ones, this show also allows you to call and SMS them and participate.

Just a hint though… do not bother telling them anything against their ‘propaganda line’…
They instantly exercise their 5 star media freedom and non-censorship on it.

And I almost forgot, the winner takes home (or to prison) 5 million rupees.
I said “or to prison” because even one of the attackers can also participate.


There had been an attack on the Sirasa premises at Depanama, Pannipitiya early this morning.

Last night (before the attack) one of the Sirasa security guards at the building said that some people in plate-less white vans came and scared him by parading in front of the gate.

This morning the Sirasa channels are full of nothing but the attack. It is mostly the showing of the damaged/destroyed AV equipment and the broadcasting of pre-recorded ‘condolence messages’ from ‘dignitaries’. They tried some live messages but had to stop midway because some of the speakers, for example the chief incumbent of the Bellanwila Temple, stated to say things about the ‘terrorist lover’ tendencies of the channel- so they demonstrated their unbiasedness and media freedom by cutting out the live telephone connection…

According to them the attack is a significant one but as apparent by their almost jovial reporting of their ‘sad sad moment’ their news making capability hasn’t been effected at all…

So this led me into some thinking…
Who is behind the attack?

As implied by Sirasa (white van on a previous day etc., they having invented and associated the ‘white van’ concept with the state) it is the state.

But before jumping to these pre-cooked conclusions as prepared by the terrorist-lover hands behind Sirasa News First, let’s try to find out the answer to the age-old question in crime investigation: “who benefits from this crime?

There has to be a beneficiary, since according to Sirasa (white van scare at the gate on a previous day) this is pre-meditated. So it is not a ‘crime of passion’ against one of the remaining mouth pieces of the LTTE propaganda machine.

So who benefits?
The answer is obvious…

Who gets the sympathy of the ‘clueless Colombo posh class as lead by the permanent opposition leader Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe’ who are so fond of projecting Sri Lanka as a failed state?

Who gets ammunition in the big lie of projecting Sri Lanka as a ‘country without any media freedom’?
Paradoxically, media like Sirasa, Sunday Leader, Irudina, etc. etc. (get the idea…) are saying that there is no media freedom while enjoying and at times abusing the very same media freedom they say is not present.

Who increases the rating of their TV channels (and earns a lot of advertising money) by feasting on the news of a ‘media station being attacked in Colombo’?

So who benefits the most?
Obviously it is Sirasa itself!

I hope that the investigation teams strongly consider the possibility that the Sirasa attack is an ‘inside job’, after all, everything that was destroyed would have been fully insured….